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Junk My 1996 Mercury Sable

Avg. Junk Payment: $234.86

Get cash for your junk 1996 Mercury Sable. Since Scrap metal is worth around $350 a ton, and your car weighs 1,570.50 lbs, your car is worth roughly $245.39. Of course there is a cost in getting your Mercury Sable to the salvage yard, determining if its worth fixing, or dismantling. Then, your junk Mercury Sable will be crushed, than shredded to seperate the metal from other materials, than meted down. So, the process of turning your 1996 Mercury Sable into $245.39 might translate into a lower offer, however, until you call us, tell us the condition of your 1996 Mercury Sable and of course the location, we can't determine the true value. Still, now you know the weight of your car is 1,570.50 lbs and scrap metal is worth around $350 a ton, so you have a good starting place when calling us or anyone to sell your junk Mercury Sable.

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Age: 20 years old. (Thats 9.2 years older than the average car on the road!)

Year First Made: 1969

Average MPG Rating (all models): 18 city / 26 highway / 21 combined

Yearly Fuel Cost: $2,550 ( a cost of $250 more than the national average!)

No detailed specs exist for this vehicle.

No recall data currently available for this model year.

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